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TLDCON 2019 agenda now available


The conference will focus on the relations between registries, registrars, final users and law enforcement agencies

The agenda of TLDCON 2019, the 12th international conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, which will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, has been published. The conference is organized by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ with the support of DOMREG.LT (host), the Internet Technical Center (general partner), ICANN and the Vilnius Convention Bureau.

The September conference will focus on cooperation opportunities between registries and law enforcement agencies, further prospects for the development of the domain industry, legal aspects of domain registration, and cooperation between registries, registrars and final users, among other topics. The list of TLDCON 2019 speakers includes representatives of international organizations and national registries, technical experts, domain name lawyers and heads of registrar companies.

The working program of the conference will begin with the session “Cybersecurity: How registries collaborate with law enforcements.” Participants in this session will learn what registries and law enforcement agencies expect from cooperation. National registry representatives will share their experience of working with law enforcement agencies in different countries and discuss whether one registry’s experience can be used in other regions. The participants will also speak about ways to make cooperation between registries and law enforcement authorities more effective.

The first day of TLDCON 2019 will continue with the session “Legal issues of domain name registration.” The session will focus on how the domain industry and right holders can find common ground and establish mutually beneficial cooperation. Both sides will share their ideas, and WIPO representatives, who have prepared recommendations for national domain registries, will serve as arbitrators.

Experts in the section “Is there future for domain names?” will share their views on new technologies and processes that influence the areas of domain use in the internet industry. They will discuss ways to use web applications for corporate IT, the use of IDN email for the domain market and the connection between DNS and the internet of things.

The second day of the conference is dedicated to marketing. The participants in the session “Domain marketing: Face to face with end user” will talk about how a registry can cooperate with end users instead of just registrars and whether it is necessary to do so. Representatives of national registries from various countries will share their experience and discoveries, and also discuss their thoughts on what users want from national registries and how registries can help them.

TLDCON 2019 will conclude with the session “Secondary market of domain registration.” Domain name auctions will be the main topic of discussion. Domain name registrars, registries and even domainers will speak about their experience in organizing and participating in auctions as well as the pros and cons of these events. They will find out who benefits most from auctions.

Registration is required to take part in TLDCON 2019. Participation is free.

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