September 15-16 2021. Online

Program of 11th TLDCON conference ready


Topical issues of domain markets to be discussed in Jurmal

Work on the program of the 2018 TLDCON international conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe is going on. Traditionally, participants discuss issues related to information security, infrastructure development, legal assistance, marketing and cooperation between registries and registrars during the two-day event.

The first section, “Domain name vs. Content”, is dedicated to information security, where the discussion will focus on the question of whether players on domain markets should assess content or only have a technical role. Experts from the CIS, Europe, the US and other regions will describe different approaches. The section will be moderated by Mikhail Anisimov, deputy head of the Department of External Communications at the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

A legal section will be held in the afternoon of the first conference day. This year, it will be dedicated to current issues related to regulating the domain market and reviewing legislative practice. Representatives of various registries will discuss how domain disputes can be solved and experts from various countries will explain how they work with personal data and cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

The first day’s last section, “Second wind of ccTLDs”, will be dedicated to the current activities of national registries. For a long time, ccTLDs had privileges on their national markets, but everything changed several years ago after a program on new TLDs was launched. This section will be dedicated to the changes in the role of ccTLDs amid intensifying competition.

The second conference day will begin with the “New technologies in DNS” section dedicated to the latest technological achievements used for managing the address space as well as the new areas where the DNS system can be used. Experts will speak about using blockchain in DNS and how the domain name system can be used in the Internet of Things to identify digital objects as well as many other spheres.

The conference will conclude with the section “Who is welcomed to the Registrars club?”, where participants will have a chance to discuss different models of registrars’ work, as well as requirements they face and the terms of their work with various ccTLDs and gTLDs.

Participation is free. Registration is required.

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