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Tbilisi to host TLDCON 2016


TLDCON 2016’s preliminary program unveiled

On September 7-8, 2016, the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and the Technical Center of Internet will hold the 9th International Conference for ccTLD Registries and Registrars of the CIS, Central and Eastern European Countries (TLDCON 2016). It will take place in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

First launched in 2008, TLDCON traditionally brings together national registries and registrars from many countries. Last year’s conference drew in almost 130 participants.

TLDCON 2016’s preliminary program has been posted on its website. The following issues will top the agenda:

  • What are the prospects for cooperation in promoting Internet development in the region?
  • The pros and cons of IDN domains: what do professionals think?
  • Internet security: can it be ensured without sacrificing freedom?
  • TLD after-markets in Russia and the world: is demand outgrowing supply?
  • What needs to be done to get IDN-mail up and running?
  • When to expect the opening of the 'second window' for new gTLDs?

Participants in the conference include speakers from the CIS, Europe, Asia and America; reports will be made by representatives of ICANN, CENTR, APTLD, RIPE NCC, among them Dmitry Afanasyev (digital expert at the Russian State Duma Committee on Information Policy), Ilya Bazlyankov (Core Association), Sarah Dickinson (Sinodun), Yuri Kargapolov (UANIC), Elmar Knipp (Iron DNS), John Crain (ICANN), Michaela Cruden (Afilias), Maarit Palovirta (ISOC), Sergei Povalishev (, Katrina Sataki (ccNSO), Dusan Stojicevic (RNIDS), Mikhail Yakushev (ICANN), and many others. For further details, go to TLDCON 2016’s website.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. Registration is required.

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