September 15-16 2021. Online

Registries or registrars: who is the main?


TLDCON2015 participants discussed the interaction of registrars and registries of new gTLDs

The second working conference day was opened by heated discussion of the issue how registries and registrars should contact with each other to optimize promotion of domains for end users. The representatives of European registries and registrars took part in section which was conducted by Olga Alexandrova- Myasina (ccTLD .RU/.РФ). Registrars mostly consider that they play the major role in this process. "We are like sellers in hi-tech gadget shop. We do know what clients need today and what we should offer them", - Victor Kustein representing the Czech registrar Gransy told. But registry website optimization, for example, can influence on the development of national domain, as Katrina Sataki (NIC.LV) told. She also presented a new project of Latvian registry giving a chance to choose a good domain name for people by means of artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, Olga shared with participants the experience of Coordination Center in issue of domain promotion over last 5 years. She also told that Russian registry has provided short-term discounts for registrars dated for various events (birthdays of .RU/.РФ, public holidays, etc.) since 2015; special conditions on discounts, which are amounted from the extent of each registrar's domain base, are offered.

Cyber-security became one of the main world trends today, the organizations which haven't recently dealt with issues of information security began to pay attention to this subject. Maarit Palovirta (ISOC) told about it. RIPE NCC, another large international organization, considers DNSSEC promoting as one of the important directions of the work, because of this fact, it was offered to share the working vision of certified centers in modern conditions to section participants. Dmitry Belyavski (TCI) presented the results of research on practical TLS protocol usage in Russian domain zones. According to its results, he reported that Russian practice corresponds to universal recommendations. Russian searcher "Satellite" representative told how content filters providing secure network use for children are formed.

TLDCON unites the representatives of national registries which use not only Latin national domains, but also Domain in national alphabets. Therefore, the section dedicated to IDN domains always causes special interest in participants.

Mikhail Yakushev (ICANN) emphasized the deal on how ICANN keeps development of IDN domains. He pointed out that a big role in this process was played by rapid development of Runet – a large number of Russian-speaking sites obviously testified a need of Cyrillic domains starting . ICANN's vice-president urged conferees to join discussion of IDN program. Despite the general success of IDN program, there are problems which were known even before starting of the first IDN and haven't been still solved: for example, e-mail problem. Dusan Stoychevich (RNIDS) told about the actions done in this direction.

Armenian colleagues presented the new national domain .հայ ("hye") which was delegated to Armenia not so long ago. Igor Mkrtumyan shared the plans of domain development and promotion both among country residents and compatriots abroad. The IDN .БЕЛ was presented by Belarusian registry, Sergey Povalishev (CCTLD .BY) focused on new domain registration stages and features of this process in Belarus.

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